We are a Waste Management Company, Committed to The Environment

American Recyclers is a local company that provides valet trash services to residents in the Metroplex. Communities that use our services are neat and clean, with happy residents!

Our mission is to collect solid waste in a classified manner directly from your doorstep, thus providing optimal and quality services to families in America.

Our Services

With our services we seek to provide comfort, economy and efficiency in the solid waste collection days of families in America. A service that offers customer satisfaction and quality in its general process.

Waste Collection

We want the homes of families to have a guarantee of optimal quality service and above all punctual to avoid the risk of contamination.

Schedule On Time

Our service aims to be carried out daily with comfortable hours where families can dispose of waste in a practical and efficient way.

Residential Recycling

Our goal is that the complexes are fully covered by our zero waste services and therefore enjoy clean and pollution-free environments.


For us it is very important to guarantee a recycling process within homes and promote a sustainable culture, thus contributing to the environment

Benefits for residents and properties

Why valet trash services are beneficial to property management and its residents?

What Our Clients Have To Say

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    Alan Michall
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    Sareena Williams

We Answer to Your Questions

Our collection service is carried out from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 pm or 9:00 pm and on Sundays from 8:00 pm or 8:00 pm. Having Fridays and Saturdays free from service.

Our contact is through the following telephone number: +1 (945) 259 81 57 and by email: cantorrecyclers@gmail.com

Our greatest advantage, and what sets us apart from the rest, is that we want to apply a no-waste philosophy and try to respect the ecological culture to preserve the environment. We will achieve this by encouraging our clients to classify their waste and providing them with special containers for this purpose.

Our company is starting its services in the area of ​​201 W Southwest Pkwy Lewisville TX, 75067.


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