American Recyclers is a company that was born from the obvious need to support the domestic cleaning service by implementing a strategic method of collecting solid waste in homes, applying a zero-waste philosophy and classifying the garbage in special containers supplied by the company.

This idea comes from the association of a group of young visionaries who seek to take care of the environment and take advantage of sustainable resources in the process. Each classified waste will go to its determined destination for recycling and correct environmental purpose.

Our Mission

Efficiently collect solid waste in a classified manner directly from our containers located in various sectors of the city to minimize collection time and provide optimal and quality service to American families.

Our Vision

Implement in North American homes an efficient solid waste collection system with first-class technology that allows garbage to be classified ecologically within their homes, providing the final service with containers identified with the various types of waste, thus helping to Raise awareness about environmental control, guaranteeing quality of service to our customers.

Our Goals with Customers and Enviroment